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Scam Alert - Ian Burrows a.k.a. Alex (P) Haynes (Updated)

Updated 29th November 2016 It's been a while since one of these alerts has been posted but we have a new scam trader who's worthy of the accolade. Because these characters sold the data to a bunch of accountants with blatant disregard for the law, it's worth adding his name - Ian Paul Burrows a.k.a. Alex Haynes - to the list of web search results. 
Ian's got previous for being economical with the truth, and if you only find a few references to activity there's probably a lot more that's unreported.
Hopefully future 'customers' will be smart enough to carry out due diligence before negotiating a deal. Hopefully people will also realise that any accountant making cold calls using illegally bought marketing lists should be avoided, as I discussed in a previous post. The Background After being contacted by a number of accountants firms offering their services (one's I'd never heard of) I started digging, along with other people receiving the same tr…