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Sailing the Accountant-sea (Updated)

Updated October 2016    Accountancy practises seem to vary and I'm in the middle of moving my own corporate accounts to a new firm. There's so many accountants that it can be difficult to choose so you really have to define your objectives and ask some searching questions of each practise you review.

After spending a few weeks getting a list of practises I've just about whittled down the list of possible candidates to under five and am also planning a system migration in parallel.

One thing that is immediately obvious is that if a firm is too busy (over allocated with too many books to manage), works on more generic approaches or has very thin borders with tax avoidance schemes you should steer clear. Any firm that actively cold calls in this sector should also set off alarm bells.

I received unsolicited marketing from one such firm in Q4 2015 - at the time called Contractor Tax Optimisation - who claimed to be able to give me an 82% take-home income specifically aimed at …