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The 2015 Naughty List

This year Santa decided to update his resume and see what the jobs market was like. Test the water a little, maybe go for an interview - nothing serious. Just see what options he had.

You can imagine his surprise when, the day after putting a resume on a single jobs board, he started getting all sorts of spam about other jobs boards he'd never heard of, CV writing services he didn't want or need and services to help him reduce his tax liability. And only one actual recruiter asking him if he'd be interested in a distribution management role in Swansea.

As he was already waste deep in letters and emails from the boys and girls all over the world asking for their Christmas wishes, he asked us to take a look at the rest. Of those we have a top 5 for 2015 whose persistent and blatant breaches of little things like the Data Protection Act caught our attention.
Number 1# - It turns out that Jobsite not only provide your sensitive personal data to recruiters, but th…