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Although this is a byproduct of another investigation it is worth noting this issue as soon as possible. A party who acquired personal data without consent claim to have bought this personal data from


This is not apparently related to a legal entity anywhere - the WHOIS information also leads to a non-existent entity. The subject of the initial investigation passed the contact details of someone at who represents himself as "David Hilton". As you can see from the screenshot of the response the persons English seems to be slightly unusual.
You'll have to open the image zoom for this one...
By tracing the email headers it was possible to gain information about the whereabouts of the senders workstation: Bahawalpur in Punjab Pakistan. This would put the sender outside of the EU data area and list of countries considered 'safe' for personal data.

The website itself appears to initially offer similar services to most but appears very basic in design - almost like it's been thrown together. A number of links don't work, the contact us page just throws an error (or perhaps veils further data capture for spamming?). It appears that anyone can search the list of candidates within the database.

A link of "Preferred Companies" on the front page takes you to Orange, SJ itself and TripIt
The front web page lists a few preferred companies but if you follow the links the companies have no details and the jobs associated bear no relationship. This appears to be a facade.

The candidate data appears to be contrived in most cases.

Reason For Concern

Due to the type of information collected in this very specific instance and having analysed copies of the data received from the SAR to the original investigation the personal data has been acquired from a jobs board here in the EU - specifically No consent was ever given for this type of data re-use & transfer and this is a breach of the original jobs boards T's and C's for recruitment agency activity.

There is simply no way that this website could be deemed legitimate. The author of this post is attempting to create a TrustPilot review for which serves as a warning to others.


  1. my friend just replied to email from spelljob and he was called Gibbs. My friend clicked on the link an sent his CV. What happens now ? what can he do to prevent fraud ?

    1. Hi Thomas - Sorry for not replying sooner but I didn't get any notifications from the blog system.

      If I were in your friends position I would cease all contact with Spelljob - My Job Matcher confirmed them as one of the sources where peoples personal information was bought to add to the MJM candidate database. Spelljob operate outside of the strong data protection laws provided by the EU, EEA and UK.

      In future you can verify that a recruitment firm is UK or EU based - for UK you can verify the company here:

      Also, use more reputable jobs boards which have dedicated teams to look into data protection and misuse issues - for example Monster, Jobserve and Techno Jobs.

      Unfortunately your friend has already sent his CV across there's nothing he or she can do other than to be more careful in future. However Spelljob must have got their contact information from somewhere - if you can find that source you'll know where the data was scraped from.

      Get in touch with me directly if you'd like to discuss how best to approach that.

  2. Thanks for the warning - just received an email from them

    1. You're welcome. If you know which jobs board they acquired your details from I'd appreciate some more info. Welcome to DM me on Twitter or contact me privately via my Blogger profile details.

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