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Scam Warning - BT

Summary During a house move, we wanted to close off a residential account and open a business account to support all our business services. Getting the new biz connection sorted was - as usual - an entertaining prospect to get OpenReach engineers the information directly from BT Business (my mobile phone, called BT, once through handed phone to Openreach engineer to resolve the issues, etc). However the real entertainment was in getting the residential account closed. Investigation At first we were told that either we had to cancel the residential contract and pay a premium fee for the pleasure. If you've ever seen the terms and conditions for a BT account (here is a link) you'll see it seems pretty straight forward...with no obvious mention of a cancellation charge.

In frustration close to moving day and whilst travelling to meet clients I simply closed the call at that stage. However when I called back to approach the subject again after the move I asked for the numbers: wh…

Scam Warning - Elite Pay Group

Summary So to kick off our alerts system we have Elite Pay Group; who advertise services mainly focused on contractors and the self-employed, targeting those groups to sell services around tax consultancy and payroll.

NB: Recent updates to this case have upgraded the scam level.

On their website they note that they are already trusted by "1000's of customers due to our strict compliance related products...". However there is no such entity called "Elite Pay Group" or derivations based on combination registered at companies house. On their website there is no specific set of terms and conditions, nor note of whether EPG is a trading name.

Of greatest concern is that this type of entity would potentially deal with sensitive financial information, which in itself requires a certain level of trust.
Investigation I received a test message from an organisation I'd never heard of before and started to investigate them. After running standard foot-printing proces…

Another New Approach

As well as looking at security issues with consumer electronics and services we're also spending time trying to unpick some of the illegal resale of personal data across the UK and EU. We're not alone either - there's a small group of people also willing to ensure responsibility is applied to organisations stepping outside the law.

However the Information Commissioners Office seems to be inundated with complaints and is too busy to address all of them in due time. As a result we thought we'd help them - and you - out by publicising some of the shady operations spamming or selling your personal data without your consent or knowledge.

Of course it's not as simple as just sticking a badge on a brand identity, there has to be some granularity as some situations aren't necessarily as clear as others. So we've created three alert levels to apply; each situation may by upgraded or downgraded depending on the developing situation too.

This first level is basically …