Going All The Way

After a couple of posts earlier this year relating to MyJobMatcher.com, and a chrous of similar voices across the Twitterverse; I've decided to take it to the next stage.

One of my posts detailed a subject access request made to them -  the results were simply astounding: They admitted in writing that they had used a company in Lahore, Pakistan to buy peoples personal data scraped from job board websites. MJM initially claimed that they had ensured that the scrapers would only supply recent (last six months) details and only details for those that had provided consent.

The resume and contact informtion they had acquired dated back to 2007 which was a pretty clear sign only lip service had been paid to validation. The usual excuse of "you must have checked the checkbox for partner offers" wasn't going to wash here.

To add fuel to the fire; a few months later even more people took to Twitter to voice their dissent. Not only had the Twitterverse erupted with complaints and negative feedback in January but now it seems they'd done it again. MJM disclosed to me that they had acquired my data from Manz Online but others have disclosed that their data was sold by 360resourcing.com and cvsources.co.uk have also been named.

Some people are still getting the tail end of this disastrous strategy from MJM:

Others are still tweeting dissatisfaction at the services they're now using.
Although others have blogged about it and seen the funny side:
 I'd done my research, taken advice and am prepared to go all the way - I could go into details but I'm savouring them until the court case. If anyone is in a similar situation, get in touch.


The claim was settled - I've written a post on my personal blog that covers the specifics. After I've finished there I'll update ukaslr.co.uk with more details in the hope that others find approach and details useful.


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