Forming New Strategies

After a number of conversations with film investment firms, dentistry investment partnerships and recruiters re-using databases for tax and cv services, I've decided to start experimenting with different approaches. More detail as the year goes on but I'm currently awaiting the results of an ASA complaint, one ICO investigation and 22 subject access requests (DPA & PECR related requests for information).

More information as the different situation develop but teetering on the edge of ICO & ASA complaints along with civil action include giants such as Waitrose. It's only April and I've got a feeling it's going to be a very busy year - there's so many small firms out there buying peoples data and turning it into leads [unsolicited marketing] whilst other firms are making money from scraping jobs boards and selling on supposed valid candidates.

When you apply for a job on most job sites they automatically subscribe you to their services - have a look a this: I've just applied for a role I found on, entered the basic details and added my resume. Ten minutes later I have emails from JobServe telling me that I've been subscribed to their services.

I didn't ask for that nor was I given a choice; however more importantly the default options that have been forced on me are to subscribe to partner offers, newsletters, updates about the secretary's cat, etc.

This is the loophole many companies are claiming to be able to exploit use when they send you spam. are no better or worse than other jobs boards but be wary of sites that ask you to re-enter all the details from your resume into their profile sections - Not only are they difficult to maintain but they're making the scrapers jobs easier when trying to acquire categorised data to sell.

I've now decided to steer completely clear of CWJobs after catching a scammer in the act. Although for slightly different reasons I'm also no longer using Monster.


  • After applying for a specific role log in to the jobs board and adjust the default settings (i.e. correct the marketing preferences)
  • Once that's complete, delete the newly created profile. If you've applied directly for a role the recruiter already has your details
  • Create a seperate profile under a seperate secured email - use an alias or similar service - for your persistent profile
  • On your persistent profile remove all contact details except the specific email alias you've created 
  • Go through all the job websites you use and carefully check what you're actually subscribed to - you will probably find some nasty surprises
I also use a tracing system which I've been testing for the last 18 months - if it works successfully I'll blog about it or offer it as a service. It's early days and I'm not willing to discuss it too much yet.


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