Bound To Happen Eventually

After a post I wrote on another blog relating to infomailsTM it seems like a similar situation is unravelling pretty fast.

I've made a lot of enquiries under ICO guidelines for SAR and DPA with some responses from all sorts of tax accountants and CV services. Most of those who bothered responding simply noted that they'd inherited a contact list and were about to retire it anyway. A general patronising "don't you worry about it now" response. Happy face!

Whilst sweeping one of my old email accounts junk folder I found a whole stack of emails from a job board I'd never heard of until yesterday evening. Ever since Monday they've been sending through irrelevant job postings and from the looks of it our research efforts at LSP haven't been in isolation as a large portion of MyJobMatchers Twitter feed is alive with indignant requests and objections.

In the case of MyJobMatcher I requested a password reset (a novelty as I've never created an account with them) and was utterly surprised when I didn't get anything through. Judging by the indignation on Twitter recently I'm not the first to be so surprised.

Please note: the word "surprised" should be surrounded with a mist of impervious sarcasm.

It's safe to say this one actually may result in some definitive answers but we'll see. Like many others out there I go out of my way to ensure the "Partner Offers" and "Would be interested in..." check boxes are unchecked; but we still get this transfer of personal data with impunity.

Hopefully whomever reads the BBC Watchdog twitter feed will have added incentive to poke this company and the ineffective ICO proposition.


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