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Social Engineering - Follow Up

After a post earlier this week I sent a data destruct request along with a link to the blog post. Here's the response.

kristine (citysocializer)
15 Jan 11:33
Hi Rex,
Thank you for the feedback. Our CTO has read your blog post and will take it under consideration. You can send him a more detailed report if you like at as the screenshot you included was not clear enough to read.
I will also make sure to use a password generator in the future. Considering that there was no reset password link generated in the system up to the point when I used your email address to generate one from an incognito window on Chrome, it was only natural for me to assume something had to have gone wrong on your end. In any case, my intention was only to help you gain access to your account and I recommended you changed the password right away.
I am also very sorry you have received my emails. I can assure you you will not receive any of them in the future and that I have now delete…

Heating Up

Hot spam? Perish the thought. Looks like MyJobMatcher is starting the year with an interesting strategy - Annoyeveryone.

I'll let the links speak for themselves. More to follow in relation to the last six months research on personal data assurance.

Bound To Happen Eventually

After a post I wrote on another blog relating to infomailsTM it seems like a similar situation is unravelling pretty fast.

I've made a lot of enquiries under ICO guidelines for SAR and DPA with some responses from all sorts of tax accountants and CV services. Most of those who bothered responding simply noted that they'd inherited a contact list and were about to retire it anyway. A general patronising "don't you worry about it now" response. Happy face!

Whilst sweeping one of my old email accounts junk folder I found a whole stack of emails from a job board I'd never heard of until yesterday evening. Ever since Monday they've been sending through irrelevant job postings and from the looks of it our research efforts at LSP haven't been in isolation as a large portion of MyJobMatchers Twitter feed is alive with indignant requests and objections.

In the case of MyJobMatcher I requested a password reset (a novelty as I've never created an account wi…

Social Engineering

There's been a spate of emails recently from sites I've not used in years (or in some cases don't ever remember using at all). At a guess because new years involves membership campaigns instigated from marketing fresh off a weeks holiday, needing to prop up Q1 targets.

Live Nation is one of these sites - It took them about a year to actually write the website well enough for the unsubscribe links in their uninvited spam update emails to work. I'd unsubscribed last year after they double booked and over charged me a couple of times and am getting the spam updater emails from them again all of a sudden. Isn't technology amazing? Now I'm getting them from City Socializer - I don't even remember this one in the last five years.

Looking at my email inbox it seems that I started getting infomailsTMsome time around Xmas so I tried to log in or reset my password - either way to find out what City Socializer is and why I would have joined up.
Every time I opened th…